• Commercial leases carry far fewer tenant protections than residential leases. If you are planning to open a restaurant, a retail shop or even an office, it’s important to understand the hidden dangers of lease terms that can wind up costing you tens of thousands of dollars. One “hidden danger” provision stems from a landlord’s right […]

  • When a dispute arises between two parties, the cheapest way to resolve it is to work it out on your own. But what if that doesn’t work? Understanding options for taking the dispute outside the relationship can help you decide which way to go. This article focuses on California law. Litigation The most recognized option is […]

  • Arbitration is a popular word in dispute resolution, but what is it? Arbitration offers more control over the proceedings than litigation, but, unlike mediation, it still leaves the ultimate decision to someone else – the arbitrator. Like a judge, the arbitrator holds hearings where the parties introduce evidence, which the arbitrator reviews to make a decision that […]

  • Litigation is the most recognized form of dispute resolution. For any party, but especially small business owners, you need to be prepared for a hit to your wallet. Before you race down to the courthouse to file a lawsuit, or if you get served with a lawsuit by someone else, it’s worth knowing a thing or […]

  • Unlike litigation and arbitration, in a mediation, the parties decide the outcome. A mediation is simply a negotiation between the disputing parties assisted by a trained go-between called a mediator. If you don’t agree to settle, the dispute is not over and the mediator can’t decide otherwise. The mediator’s role is to get familiar with the […]