• An employee handbook is a great way to clarify how you want to treat your employees from the start of the relationship to the end. A handbook can contain the policies that are important to you as an owner. It will promote fairness and transparency, which leads to successful employee relationships. It can guide hiring, firing, promotions and […]

  • So you’ve decided to start your own small business. Operating as a sole proprietor is a viable option for some owners. In California, the annual cost for a partnership, an “S” corporation or a limited liability company is well over a thousand dollars, which means that there’s real money at stake. Hold on a bit before investing […]

  • Whether it’s a handshake or a twenty-page monster, business runs on contracts They are the most important and often the least interesting part of all the income and expenses that keep the doors open. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to keep contracts working for your business. Does is need to […]

  • Those Minutes Add Up. California and Federal law are pretty clear: if you pay your employees by the hour, there are rules for providing breaks. It’s not just important to know the rules, it’s also important to keep good records to show that you are following those rules. Records are required by law, and they […]

  • Lawyers have language habits like everyone else. Some of this is the dreaded ‘legslese’, some of this is cut and paste, and some is personal style. Each of these habits come with some benefits, so it may not be a good idea to change the language. Nor should you ask your lawyer to teach you all the ins and outs of legal writing – you hired a professional for a reason.