• A contract should be the first building block to a relationship between a contractor and an owner. It will set the tone for the relationship and spell out important issues that both sides will want to know. Form contracts like the kind that you can buy at a stationary store or the AIA standards are […]

  • Trade secrets are a BIG deal, especially here in Silicon Valley, and it’s no “secret” that the vast majority of misappropriation of information occurs internally. Owners of any kind of business with proprietary information – be it a specialized restaurant or a software development company – should understand that their company’s highest risk with respect […]

  • An employee handbook is a great way to clarify how you want to treat your employees from the start of the relationship to the end. A handbook can contain the policies that are important to you as an owner. It will promote fairness and transparency, which leads to successful employee relationships. It can guide hiring, firing, promotions and […]

  • Those Minutes Add Up. California and Federal law are pretty clear: if you pay your employees by the hour, there are rules for providing breaks. It’s not just important to know the rules, it’s also important to keep good records to show that you are following those rules. Records are required by law, and they […]

  • These new rules apply to all employers, no matter how many employees. The rules also apply to both full and part-time employees who are employed by the employer for 30 or more days in a year. The only exceptions are employers with policies that treat sick and vacation leave the same (PTO) whose policy meets the minimum requirement (3 days a year).