Our Testimonials

Our Fee Philosophy

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We have a fee transparency philosophy that keeps our clients returning to us and referring others. We strive to avoid sticker shock by helping our clients budget for their actual legal needs. We are prepared to talk through the benefits of these options so that our clients can feel confident that they are making the best investment possible. [/learn_more]


Our Fee Structure

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We offer a one hour, focused assessment of your legal issue. We can guide you to a non-lawyer solution, lay out the problem in the big picture of your business and assess the best use of legal time if you need it. We charge a low, flat fee for this service so you can feel confident that we are providing a transparent assessment and not a sales pitch.


Sensitive negotiations on a critical deal, litigation and other types of legal issues present unique, evolving challenges. These matters are unpredictable and we track our time on an hourly basis. We offer cost-sensitive solutions like cost estimates and fixed increments of time beyond which we give you the option to continue to accrue fees. Since different types of matters have different levels of complexity, we offer different fee rates to reflect the real cost to the client.

Flat fee

Some issues are predictable with the complexity limited in scope. We offer flat fees for specific services so our clients can budget for these matters.

Semi-annual retainer

Retainers give you the opportunity to create a fixed line item in your operating budget when you have the recurring need of legal counsel. We offer a flat monthly fee, payable in advance on a semi-annual basis. Under the terms of the retainer, we are on call for you. We charge semi-annually so we can reevaluate your needs and adjust the retainer amount to reflect them.