Manuella W. Hancock is a founding member of Hancock Legal. She concentrates her practice on small business clients. Manuella is half Chilean and spent formative years living outside of Paris, France. Manuella has been practicing law in California since 1997.

Manuella began her career working primarily as a litigator in large firms where she learned a great deal about this style of legal practice. While in this type of practice, Manuella worked with clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Over ten years ago, Manuella left large law firm practice to start her own firm and focus on her small business clients.

As a small business owner herself, and with years of experience counseling small businesses, Manuella understands the specific ways that small businesses deal with legal issues. She understands that there are no big budgets for “money is no object” legal representation, and she works hard to find creative solutions for her clients that will not break the bank. However, with experience and sophistication in representing clients in disputes, and understanding of the motivations and resources of many types of parties who can be involved in disputes, Manuella is willing and able to guide her clients through the dispute resolution, aiming for the best possible outcome.

Manuella has worked with clients in construction, retail, tech, food and beverage and other industries. She understands the different, unique legal issues that arise for different types of businesses. Employment law is one consistent factor, and Manuella advises client on wage and hour, hiring, firing, discrimination complaints and distinguishing between employees and independent contractors. These sorts of issues can have a significant impact on a small business, and Manuella believes strongly in helping clients manage employment issues before they become a major problem.

Using her advanced degree in estate planning tax law, Manuella also understands the complexities of business transition issues. Planning for the sale of the company, retirement, allowing key employees to buy in and managing business divorces are all situations with tax implications that Manuella has reviewed with her clients to find the optimal approach.

Manuella was graduated from Amherst College with a BA in French. She received her JD from New York University School of Law in 1997 and her LLM in Taxation and Certificate of Estate Planning from Georgetown University Law Center in 2010. Active in her community, Manuella has served on a number of non profit boards and enjoys volunteering.